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Hello. I am a London-based human male who does social things for an online learning startup and plays drums in a band. Before that I worked at the Big British Castle, and played drums in a band.

This is my hand-made home page (which is why not all of it works all of the time).

Oh, and did you find me via StreetPass? If so, hello!

ice, sea, dead people

Here I am drumming in Ice, Sea, Dead People. We're quite noisy so mind your ears!

Before that I played drums in Hundreds, Tens & Units and still technically play bass in keyBORE, if you can count what I do as playing bass.

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Let's be friends on Xbox Live! But please add a message to say who you are or I will be suspicious and uncooperative.


public at thair dot net.

This website was made slightly more horizontal for 2011.